What's New in Cryptic Disk

Published on September 14, 2014
  • NEW   Enable/disable of automatic restore of last modification time of a container file. When using backup tools file modification time is updated. Previously the container file modification time was always restored.
  • IMPROVED   Improved performance on processors with hardware support of AES encryption algorithm. The workload on such CPUs (when using AES algorithm) is significantly reduced.
  • IMPROVED   Increased data reading speed for encrypted SSD drives.
  • IMPROVED   Higher privileges are now requested for creating an encrypted container. Otherwise the program creates a container with current privileges.
  • FIXED   Issue inhibiting use of encrypted containers on 4 Kb sector drives. Only containers created by the new software version can be used on such drives.
  • FIXED   Issues with incompatibility with other software that resulted in operating system crashes.
  • FIXED   Lots of minor improvements and fixes.