Disk Password Protection 5 - new version released

Disk Password Protection 5 - new version released

Exlade announces a complete relaunch of the professional Disk Password Protection utility that was designed to provide comprehensive protection for the user’s data stored on their computers against any unauthorized access.

The latest release of Disk Password Protection is more than just a set of smaller improvements; it is actually a brand new product. The solution was rebuilt based on a completely new kernel with all contemporary data storage and access technologies in mind. The functionality of Disk Password Protection has been considerably upgraded too by streamlining load protection algorithms and adding the new technology of secure access to hard drive partitions on the computer.

In addition to the extensive enhancements in the system part, the new version (numbered 5.0) of Disk Password Protection suggests load protection control in systems using UEFI. This ensures stronger protection for such systems because Disk Password Protection starts working with the disk before the operating system and any third party software are launched. This feature will primarily be useful for the latest generation computer users and companies keeping their set of working equipment updated.

Another important upgrade is the module for more efficient work with Advanced Format disks (with the sector size increased from 512 to 4,096 bytes) that was developed to work with large volumes of data. In addition to seamless MBR disks support, Disk Password Protection introduces the protection of the disk and partition load on GPT disks.

Some considerable improvements have been made to the utility ergonomics and user-friendliness. As a result, the Disk Password Protection interface has been completely reworked and brought to a unified style across the company’s product line.

In addition to a complete and seamless support for Windows 8 and higher, Disk Password Protection introduces the new automatic check for updates mechanism that allows users to keep their software updated, which is critical for data protection solutions. And we have some good news for those who just joined: the trial version period is now not limited to 30 days.

Disk Password Protection is a utility providing a professional password protection of hard disks and their partitions, as well as the operating system load. Access is restricted at the low level, the utility works directly with the hard disk, even before the operating system and other third party software are loaded.