Encrypt Files and Folders
On Drives and Containers

  • Encrypt virtual drives
  • Encrypt physical drives
  • Encryption keys up to 2,944 bits
  • Powerful protection against brute force attacks
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Professional Software For Encrypting Files and Folders
On Virtual and Physical Drives

Encrypted containers Virtual encrypted drives based on file containers.

Encrypted Matryoshka Hidden encrypted drives with up to 3 nesting levels.
Encrypted drives Encryption of files and folders on physical drives and partitions.
Extra features Assign hot key shortcuts, run scripts, and much more.
State-of-the-art cryptography Using the best practices and latest algorithms to encrypt drives.
TrueCrypt Built-in support for TrueCrypt containers and drives.

Our products are used by thousands of companies and government agencies.

Our Customers
“Thank you, I am really enjoying the features of this application!”
– Daniel McLeod

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