How Is Cryptic Disk Licensed?

Cryptic Disk is licensed on a per-user basis. Each user requires a license.

Cryptic Disk Pricing

Cryptic Disk license includes one year of free technical support and upgrades. Additional support options can be purchased together with the main license, or after a year, when your free support period has expired.

Licenses USD Discount
Cryptic Disk - Single User $94 - Buy
Cryptic Disk - 5 User Pack $376 20% Buy
Cryptic Disk - 10 User Pack $705 25% Buy
Cryptic Disk - 25 User Pack $1645 30% Buy
Cryptic Disk - 50 User Pack $2820 40% Buy
Cryptic Disk - 100 User Pack $4700 50% Buy
Support Renewal (first year free) USD
Additional support year (per user) $39 Renew

Our products are designed with business users in mind, and prices are therefore listed without VAT. German businesses will be charged 19% VAT and EU non-business residents will be charged VAT at their local rate.

Support Plans

Cryptic Disk licenses come with one year of free support and all minor and major upgrades. You can choose to extend your support period when you place your order. Once your support plan ends, you can renew it to continue receiving support and future product upgrades. Our support plans include:

  • Free support by email
  • Minor upgrades (ex: 4.1 → 4.2)
  • Major upgrades (ex: 4.0 → 5.0)
Quick Facts
  • Licenses fees are one-time payments
  • One year of free support and upgrades is included
Order Licenses

Purchase Cryptic Disk licenses online or request a quote to get started.

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