Encrypted Container

  • An encrypted container is a virtual volume stored in an encrypted file.
  • A container file can be moved, copied or deleted just like any other file.
  • To gain access to the encrypted data (i.e. mount) you need to enter the correct password.
  • You can prevent access at any time. The container is also automatically locked upon system shutdown.

No Labels or Markers

The software doesn't write any markers to the container file without the user's permission.

Markers help to identify the file format based on its contents.

No marker available means no one is able to prove (without the password) that the container is a Cryptic Disk one - that it contains encrypted data. The file contents look like a random set of data.

Exlade Cryptic Disk
Exlade Cryptic Disk

Expandable File Size

Don't know the exact size for your encrypted container? No problem!

Use the "Expandable file size" option. The software adjusts the container file size as you add data to it.

How It Works