Frequently Asked Questions

If I connect the protected drive to another computer will the protection still be active?

Protection is set at the drive level and remains active when the drive is connected to any computer, running any operating system. It is only possible to deactivate the protection using Disk Password Protection and the correct password.

I uninstalled the software but the protection is still active. How do I deactivate the protection?

It is only possible to deactivate protection using Disk Password Protection and the correct password. If you uninstall the software, the protection is still active. Install Disk Password Protection again and deactivate the protection.

I have forgotten a password. Is there a master password that can deactivate the protection?

No master passwords are supported, sorry. There is an option for password hints in the software in case you forget the password.
You can use special software to recovering data from damaged drives if you want to recover your data from the protected drive.

I want to protect a drive so that it is impossible to recover the data or hack it without the password.

The most reliable way to protect your information is to encrypt it. Disk Password Protection doesn't encrypt drives, which is why activating/deactivating protection takes just a few seconds. We have developed another product designed to encrypt drives securely - Cryptic Disk.

I've activated boot protection and protection for one partition of the drive. When booting the system, I enter the password. The system loads okay, but no protected partitions are visible. Why's this?

You have to deactivate protection on these partitions to gain access to them. Partition protection is independent from boot protection.

Is the license lifetime or will it expire after a year?

The Disk Password Protection license is lifetime. Once you have purchased it, you can use the software forever. The license includes 1 year of free updates. This means that, for 12 months, you can download the latest versions of the software free of charge, and use them without any time limits.

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