Hide and protect drive partitions

Set password for a physical drive partition.
The protected partition is invisible on the drive and unavailable for reading/writing.

Protected partitions' entries are hidden from the drive partitions table. The protected partition is invisible to the operating system and other programs.

The partition remains protected even if the software is uninstalled or the drive is connected to another computer.

Exlade Disk Password Protection
Normal drive partition (G), before activating protection.
Exlade Disk Password Protection
Protected drive partition (G). An unformatted drive area is displayed in place of the partition.

You will need Disk Password Protection and the correct password to disable protection. After the password has been entered, the partition will be visible and ready for reading/writing.

Password Hints

You can set a password hint to ensure you don't forget your password. Disk Password Protection will display the hint when you deactivate protection.

Support For GPT and MBR Partition Tables

There are two types of partition table for drives: the old type (MBR) and the new (GPT). The software supports both.

Support For Large Sectors (Advanced Format)

Advanced Format
Modern drives are designed with an increased sector size (4 Kb instead of the previous 512 bytes). Disk Password Protection supports drives with any sector size.