Password to load operating system

Set passwords to load Windows or other operating systems.
The system only starts once the password has been entered.

Once boot protection is installed, the computer prompts the user for the password each time the operating system is loaded. The operating system will not boot without the correct password.

Exlade Disk Password Protection

Boot protection works even after the software has been uninstalled, and when the drive is connected to another computer.

The computer requests the password every time the operating system boots. Protection can be disabled if Disk Password Protection is installed and the correct password has been entered.

Exlade Disk Password Protection

Stealth Protection Mode

In stealth mode, the computer doesn't display the password entry screen and doesn't show the keyboard input on-screen.

It will look as if the computer is frozen. But if the correct password is entered and the Enter key hit, the operating system will boot.

Password Hints

You can set a password hint to ensure you don't forget your password. The software will display the hint when you deactivate protection.

Support for BIOS and UEFI

Modern motherboards have the UEFI firmware that is designed to replace the outdated BIOS. The software supports all firmware standards.