Drive Encryption

Cryptic Disk encrypts drives to give robust protection against unauthorized access.

  • You need to provide the password or key file to gain access to the encrypted drive.
  • After system boot or connection of an external encrypted drive, access to the drive is denied.
  • You can prevent access at any time. The drive is automatically locked on system shutdown.
  • Once the password has been entered, you can work with the drive like any other.

No Labels or Markers

The software doesn't write any markers to the encrypted drive without the user's permission.

No marker available means no one is able to prove (without the password) that the drive contains encrypted data. The drive contents look like a random set of data.

Exlade Cryptic Disk

High Performance

The Cryptic Disk driver encrypts data in your computer's RAM immediately before writing it to the drive, and decrypts it immediately after reading. Since no extra resources are used, encryption has no effect on the read and write speed.

Exlade Cryptic Disk

How It Works