Hot Keys

  • Hot keys can be assigned to instantly mount and unmount encrypted drives.
  • Different combinations can be assigned to different containers and drives.
Exlade Cryptic Disk

Automatic Running of Scripts/Programs

Exlade Cryptic Disk

  • Configure actions to mount and unmount drives.
  • Run programs and scripts, and play sounds.
  • Settings are stored in secure headers of encrypted drives.

Key Files and Folders

  • Two-factor authentication: by key files or folders instead of a password, or in combination with one.
  • Any file format: a private photo, video, document or special cryptographic key.
  • Enhanced protection: using key files boosts the level of protection as they overcome many of the drawbacks of passwords.
Exlade Cryptic Disk

Mounting to a Drive Letter or Empty Folder

Exlade Cryptic Disk
The encrypted drive is mounted to any free drive letter.
Exlade Cryptic Disk
Cryptic Disk allows you to connect encrypted drives to empty folders on other drives.

Portable Mode

  • No need to install Cryptic Disk.
  • The installation file unpacks the software files to any folder on a fixed or removable drive.
  • Portable Mode allows you to use Cryptic Disk without leaving any traces on the operating system.
Exlade Cryptic Disk

Shared Resources

  • Cryptic Disk has a mechanism for remembering and restoring public access settings for shared files and folders.
  • Upon mounting an encrypted drive, the software automatically restores public access to shared resources.
  • Public access settings are stored in the headers of an encrypted drive and are protected as securely as all the data.
Exlade Cryptic Disk
Exlade Cryptic Disk

Command Line

Cryptic Disk offers the option of mounting and unmounting drives from the command line.

As well as built-in support for running programs and scripts, the command line in Cryptic Disk allows you to use automation scripts to work with encrypted drives and data on them.