What's New in Cryptic Disk 2.0

Published on December 6, 2005
  • IMPROVED   User storage database re-engineered. Database access speed increased.
  • IMPROVED   Users without system administrator rights now can mount/unmount encrypted drives.
  • NEW   Added program icon in Status area
  • NEW   Added functionality to save or recover the encryption key from the file. Now if password lost, it is possible to recover the data
  • NEW   Added pop-up menu for drives/partitions list
  • NEW   Added creation of a normal partition on a drive over deleted encrypted drive.
  • NEW   Added functionality for formatting drives/partitions from the program
  • NEW   Added program settings window. Default settings for connecting encrypted drives can be specified.
  • NEW   Added feature to automatically run the program upon user login to the system
  • NEW   Added functionality to cache password and encryption key for mounted drive. As a result, no need to enter password for mounted drives for controlling user accounts or keys
  • IMPROVED   Manual update for drives/partitions list from the menu or by pressing F5 key
  • IMPROVED   Option to select installation mode ("For current user only" or "For all users")
  • NEW   Encrypted drive is automatically unmounted when removable drives are disconnected from the computer
  • NEW   Encrypted drive is automatically unmounted upon closedown or user logout from system
  • IMPROVED   Toolbar display in menu bar
  • FIXED   Number of improvements and fixes...

What's New in Cryptic Disk 1.0

Published on October 1, 2003
  • NEW   First public release