What's New in Cryptic Disk 5.0.9

Published on June 4, 2015
  • FIXED   If only a password (without key files) was used to access an encrypted container or volume in TrueCrypt format, Cryptic Disk was unable to gain access to it.
  • FIXED   It was impossible to save a license key in the current user's registry.
  • IMPROVED   If Cryptic Disk is unable to save a license key a system error description will be displayed.

What's New in Cryptic Disk 5.0.6

Published on May 30, 2015
  • NEW   Added support of hardware security tokens and smart cards.
  • NEW   Added key file generator.
  • NEW   Added support of key files and security tokens for TrueCrypt containers.
  • NEW   Cryptic Disk now comes in a single edition. Free edition is no longer available.
  • NEW   Possibility to specify a license key when installing/updating Cryptic Disk.
  • NEW   Warning window notifying about expiring support and free updates.
  • FIXED   Cryptic Disk interface now correctly works under different DPI settings.
  • FIXED   Fixed an error when not all possible key algorithms were displayed when changing a password.
  • FIXED   Fixed an error that could lead to hanging of the app.
  • IMPROVED   Lots of minor improvements and fixes.