What's New in Cryptic Disk

Published on October 17, 2014
  • NEW   Added basic support of containers and physical drives encrypted by TrueCrypt.
  • NEW   Added free version (Cryptic Disk Free) that includes all key features of Cryptic Disk 3 Home Edition. Home Edition is no longer available. Cryptic Disk 3 Home Edition licenses can be upgraded to Cryptic Disk Professional with a discount.
  • NEW   All extra features of Cryptic Disk 3 Ultimate Edition are available in Cryptic Disk Professional. Ultimate Edition is no longer available. Ultimate Edition licenses are compatible with Cryptic Disk Professional.
  • NEW   Demo version of Cryptic Disk Professional has the only limitation now - a free 30-day trial period. During this period all program features are available without limitations. After the period expires the program continues to work but all encrypted data is available in read-only mode.
  • IMPROVED   Paths to previously selected files or folders are no longer remembered.
  • IMPROVED   Removed Tips of the day.
  • FIXED   Issue with displaying error message when changing access parameters for an encrypted volume fails.
  • FIXED   Fixes in Italian localization.