What's New in Cryptic Disk 4.2.15

Published on April 13, 2015
  • IMPROVED   Main program window now displays containers first then physical drives.
  • FIXED   Issue with program window activation when a second instance was launched when UAC is active.
  • FIXED   Issue with program failure when Windows runs out of letters for mounting new drives or the letter specified in the encrypted volume properties is taken before mounting.
  • IMPROVED   The encrypted container creation wizard now suggests using FAT by default for containers smaller than 64 MB.
  • IMPROVED   FAT is no longer an option in formatting settings for encrypted containers or drives over 32 GB.
  • IMPROVED   More descriptive system error message is displayed when password change not possible.
  • IMPROVED   While creating a hidden encrypted volume on a system with active UAC higher privileges are requested.
  • FIXED   Notification about successful creation of a hidden encrypted volume.
  • FIXED   Issue with terminating the app after being updated in Windows XP.
  • FIXED   Issue with terminating the app before uninstallation.